Chloe Winstanley


Boss Lady

Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer

Chloe is the owner and founder of Winners Strength and Wellbeing.

I founded Winners Strength & Wellbeing in 2021 after recognising that the fitness industry ostracises many women! Gyms are intimidating there is often a lack of in person knowledge available.

Having a past of mental illness and discovering how fitness can help all women I believe in pushing women to realise their true potential.

I pride myself on my understanding of women, how there bodies function and how to get the best out of every session I have with them.

I am a tough motivator and I strive to make women understand their true worth and credibility. I am honest and don’t take excuses lightly – If you have a goal then I will push you to get there!


More about my journey is below!

My passion for fitness started when I was in school, never the best at anything but always gave it a go! For years I was the fatty in the class, but that never stopped me from making it onto the school teams. Running was my initial passion, I wasn’t the fastest – more the tortoise from ‘a tortoise and a hare’ I just never gave up!

At the age of 17, I started with depression and started with an eating disorder, I didn’t know what was wrong with me as 20 years ago it wasn’t really a ‘thing’. I did, however recognise that exercise was the one thing that gave me a sense of achievement and purpose. My underlying depression and food battle went on through to my late twenties and exercise gave me a momentary escape from my negative thoughts and provided me with a basis from which to fight back.

In 2013, I started to suffer severe back pain as a result of training for and running a marathon. This pain developed into sciatica which ached for over 5 years. Strength training for women wasn’t something that was promoted back then and although awareness has risen marginally recently, the free weights section at a gym for many is seen as the “men’s area”. I was prescribed painkillers, MRI scans, acupuncture, physios, chiropractors, heat patches – you name it, I had it, but the problem never went away. For over 10 years I had been dealing with both mental and physical illnesses I couldn’t shake.

At age 29 I was at an all-time low. I was perceived to be the party girl, and the confident one but behind closed doors I was self-loathing, lacking in confidence and couldn’t find a way out so I decided that enough was enough and packed my suitcases and went (ran away) to Dubai! No job, not much money and not really knowing anyone…. that’s another story in its-self!

Fast-forward a few years (which included incredible friends who didn’t judge, lots of highs and lots of ‘soul searching’ lows) I eventually had a successful career as Head of Marketing in Dubai for some of the most incredible festivals! Returning home after five years I didn’t know what to do so I decided to follow my passion for fitness and helping other women so in the summer of 2019 I changed career and qualified as a Personal Trainer. I started to strength train and push myself to lift free-weights I never thought I could. I started to come away from cardio and machine exercises and focus on learning to lift weights with the correct form. Within months, the difference was incredible! My back became stronger, my sciatica subsided, and the functionality of my whole body changed. I finally became free from the pain that my body was trapped in. Just a few years ago, I couldn’t lunge, bend down properly, or function, but now my body is stronger and much more capable.

With the incredible sense of feeling stronger, it has instilled a confidence in me that I never thought would exist. Having found a love of free-weight strength training, I am now free from sciatica and depression and, through my own mental and physical experiences, I have set up Winners Strength and Wellbeing to try to inspire as many women as possible to achieve their own goals and feel as strong and confident as they can too.

It really doesn’t matter what your age is, all women deserve the right to experience their true strength! It is NEVER too late!

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