MENO-HELP is our brand new exciting division of Winners Strength & Wellbeing which includes a collection of guides, plans, workshops and private services to help you successfully manage your menopause symptoms and support you through your menopausal years.

All of our guides, workshops and plans have been written and formulated by our owner and Menopause Practitioner Chloe Blair.

Hey, I’m Chloe Winstanley, Owner of Winners Strength & Wellbeing Studios, PT and Menopause Practitioner. 

Being a a PT, I have seen daily how menopause affects so many women on a daily basis. This is mainly due a lack of information and understanding on how we can help ourselves.

Since becoming a menopause coach I am fascinated at how a woman’s body goes through one of the most incredible changes. It doesn’t need to be a time in our lives which is feared. 

With small changes to your lifestyle, nutrition and wellbeing you can use these years to grow and make positive changes. I am now on a mission to help as many incredible women thrive through these years. With this in mind I have created an amazing e-guide which includes fabulous advice and tips on how to successfully manage the menopausal years.

My guide is an easy to read/easy to understand breakdown of what menopause is and how you can help to manage symptoms. It takes into consideration HRT, Natural remedies, nutrition, exercise and mental wellbeing. Using the tools and exercises in this guide can really set you on your way to feeling much better about the menopausal change you are going through.

As well as my guide I offer in person and online workshops covering menopause holistically, as well as delving into the menopause mindset, which is a real game changer. 

For anyone wanting private tailored advice then I also have a number of options including private consultations and nutrition plans. If you are looking for support, then I am here to help

Download our meno e-guide
private Consultation
  • 1 hour

    private Consultation

  • £ 75
  • Face-to-face or online to offer advice on:

    • Your nutrition
    • Your lifestyle
    • Your fitness
    • Your wellbeing
    • Once booked, an initial consultation form is sent, date and time will be confirmed
tailored MEAL PLAN
  • 4 WEEK

    tailored MEAL PLAN

  • £ 150
  • Meal plan tailored to your lifestyle and symptoms:

    • Initial consultation form
    • 4 week meal plan
    • Shopping list
    • Food diary
    • Weekly check-ins
meno -  help package
  • 6 week

    meno - help package

  • £ 280
  • This ultimate package includes:

    • E-guide
    • Initial consultation
    • Initial consultation
    • Fitness Plan schedule
    • Meal Plan
    • Yoga, Pilates & Strength classes in our gym in Cheadle, or weekly online training programs 
    • Weekly check-ins
group workshop
  • 2 hour

    group workshop

  • £ 300
  • Great for corporates or communities. Face-to-face or online to offer advice on:

    • Menopause mindset
    • HRT
    • Nutrition
    • Exercise
    • Wellbeing
    • If group exceeds 10 people, there will be an additional charge of £25pp


I can't begin to describe how Winners has restored my mental wellbeing. Chloe is supportive and tough in equal measures and has created a group of women that actively support each other.

Aged 47

What I like about Winners is the fact that it is women only. This gave me the confidence to give it a go. Winners has enabled me to feel more confident and I feel stronger. The classes mean a great deal to me. I have met new friends and we support each other.

Aged 54

Fitness is a big part of my life and Winners enables me to push myself and feel strong, which is what I need for my mental wellbeing. I'm seeing real results too which is amazing!!

Aged 33

Winners classes are amazing! As well as losing inches they help with my mental well-being. I always leave a class feeling so much better than when I went in. The feeling of accomplishment is immense and knowing you’re also getting fitter, stronger and healthier is a bonus!!!

Aged 41

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