naomi richardson

Yoga Specialist

Kundalimi Yoga Diploma
200 hour Yoga teacher

I am a Mum of 6, Owner of Fun Frogs Day Nursery, Founder of Bodhi Babies & Yoga teacher. Phew – I don’t know how I have time for myself, but Yoga has taught me the path to inner peace, believing in myself and knowing I am a strong and confident gal.

I am a woman’s’ woman and over the years have trained in many specialities which are healing to both women and babies. My experience includes crystal healing, Sound healing and Colour Therapy. I also believe in the power and connection between a mother and a baby and as such run fantastic Baby Massage and Baby Yoga courses.¬†

Baby Yoga and massage is proven to help keep your baby content between feeds and helps alleviate wind and colic while stimulating the digestive systems and aiding with sleep. I believe Baby yoga is something that every parent should know – it is an ancient art that has been used for centuries to help form a strong bond and an expanding connection of joy between parent and baby.


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