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wellbeing workshop 1: 25th July 2021 11.30am


We have teamed up with the incredible Liam Hand, of Liam Hand coaching, a transformational coach who has 8 years experience in learning the fastest, most powerful approaches in coaching and therapy that enable lasting transformations,

On 25th July Liam will host an inspiring workshop aimed at giving you the tools to turn your anxious thoughts into confidence! This is set to be a truly inspirational and thought provoking morning to inspire you and make you feel fabulous!


Overview of the workshop

Learn how to release anxiety and stress and build true confidence

First half of the workshop

What is anxiety and what is confidence? What are the differences between the two?

Why do we feel anxious?

The importance of releasing the root causes of anxiety

Where confidence comes from

Learn some incredible fast techniques and strategies for releasing anxiety instantly and for building confidence- introducing basic TFT tapping and other techniques.

Learn anchoring to access highly confident states instantly- summon confidence whenever you need it.

2nd half

Putting it into practice – how to incorporate the strategies into your routine

How to use them to improve performance- physically or mentally.

Learn easy methods of self-hypnosis and visualisation to relax or to increase confidence/improve performance


Group visualisation session and confidence building/anxiety release


This workshop aims to allow women to feel a real shift in themselves by the end of the session – to feel more confident and also to have a toolbox of simple techniques to be able to change the way they feel instantly.


I can't begin to describe how Winners has restored my mental wellbeing. Chloe is supportive and tough in equal measures and has created a group of women that actively support each other.

Aged 47

What I like about Winners is the fact that it is women only. This gave me the confidence to give it a go. Winners has enabled me to feel more confident and I feel stronger. The classes mean a great deal to me. I have met new friends and we support each other.

Aged 54

Fitness is a big part of my life and Winners enables me to push myself and feel strong, which is what I need for my mental wellbeing. I'm seeing real results too which is amazing!!

Aged 33

Winners classes are amazing! As well as losing inches they help with my mental well-being. I always leave a class feeling so much better than when I went in. The feeling of accomplishment is immense and knowing you’re also getting fitter, stronger and healthier is a bonus!!!

Aged 41

Creating a community of strong confident women across South Manchester

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