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Hey ladies,

After a lovely walk and talk yesterday with a fellow fabulous PT and even more fabulous friend Amy (some may know and love her), some afternoon productive procrastination, lots of research, soul searching and even more coffee it got me thinking about how hard it is for people to reach their goals… I have been thinking about this for a while now.

What really are the reasons you can’t achieve your goals?

I hear time and time again – I am changing my diet, I am moving more, I am not eating much, I am doing this and that I still can’t achieve my goals. IT MUST BE ME! My body is different to EVERYONE ELSES!!
 Mmmmmm OK – yes Luv – your body is a totally different makeup to everyone else’s! *SIGH*

So let me put it bluntly.

How many times have you suddenly looked at yourself and thought – ‘right that’s it I am going on a *diet*. I’m going to start exercising every day and I’m cutting out all the crap (we have all done it)

Well – hold your horses Billy Whizz (if you ever read the Beano, you will know who that is? ) that is NOT the solution! As much as you think it will give you a quick change it is going to hinder you more than help you so here are a few helpful hints on how to stick with exercise or any new ‘habit‘ that you may start with.

Before reading the hints one thing you have to do is step out of your box you have decided to put yourself in such as “I can’t do that” “I’m all or nothing” “I’m too old” “my body can’t do it” – you get the gist –  so step out of it, step away from it and don’t use it as an excuse to not progress and reach your goals.

Anyway – back to the tips.

1. Start Small
When you are creating a new habit, always remember to start small. if your aim is to create a new workout habit you want to make sure you can stick with it.
In the beginning, what you should focus on is, building consistency rather than reaping benefits. Starting small will help you in showing up every day. If you go hell for leather to start with you will give up and your body has no room for progression.

2. Be realistic!
Whatever habit or change you make it has to fit into YOUR life. Just because Babs down the road goes on long walks every day, has a PT 3 times a week, and makes herself spinach, apple ginger, and chia seed smoothies every day doesn’t mean you have to feel bad that you don’t do it – bully for Babs, or should I say great for Babs but she doesn’t have kids so she probs has the time to do it as it fits into HER life. You on the other hand maybe juggling kids, acting like a mum taxi, be having personal issues – the list goes on. Wherever YOUR life is right now make changes that fit in with you.

If you know come 9 am every morning you won’t have time for yourself then why not make time earlier and start the day half an hour earlier and go for a walk, do some meditation, smash out a workout or just have a relaxing bath, and if the morning doesn’t work then find another time. Stop telling yourself you are going to do things every day if you know you can’t keep it up.

Find a nice balance that fits in with your life as it is now; and as things change you can always add more “you time”. Just please don’t go from one extreme to the other as it will unbalance you both mentally and physically.

3. Set A Time
This is so important! You have more chances of doing exercise, or any habit if you have scheduled a time for it in your day.
If you are thinking to yourself, “I will do yoga tomorrow morning”, chances are you will postpone it because you know you want to do it, but don’t know when. You need to start seeing yourself as your own boss. If your boss at work told you to be at a meeting at 8 am because they had some good news you would be there wouldn’t you!! I mean let’s face it, you would piss and moan at getting up, piss and moan that it was before “work” hours but after would feel fabulous if they told you you were on the way to a promotion. Well, apply that to yourself! You are your own boss and that half-hour ‘meeting’ to exercise, walk etc is your meeting to yourself. You wouldn’t let your boss down, so why let yourself down. Plus that “meeting” to yourself is your personal progression mentally or physically or both.

Another point to make here is about making time – if you can’t do it every day then at least a few times a week. If you know work is gonna be crazy so you won’t be able to get out for a walk today then guess what, adapt, and make a change. Most of us by now have our emails on our phone so do your emails whilst walking. I knew I wouldn’t have time to write this blog today but really wanted too so whilst on my morning walk I’ve opened up my “notes” app on my phone and written it on my phone. You can make time if you make the little changes.

4. Make A Plan
You must have an idea about what results you want from your new habit?
It could be fat loss, more energy, learning to relax, switching off from work, getting stronger……

If it is fat loss, make changes to your diet, if it is to become stronger lift weights, if it is more quiet time – get out for walks, if it is switching off, have a bath, whatever it is plan it and do it.

5. Have An Accountability Partner
Having an accountability partner works because we humans don’t like disappointing others so plan activities with friends or family, and you know what – if they cancel, it doesn’t mean you have to. If you have planed a walk with a friend and they cancel, then still make yourself accountable and go.

Reaching your goals is about making the little changes and making things work for you, your family life, and where you are right now. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, don’t try and do too much as you want it to be sustainable and achievable. Find a balance, find what works, and remember you can always adapt new habits if you are not reaching your goals.

Remember – don’t be a Billy Whizz, don’t compare yourself to Bab’s, just find the perfect balance for you! 





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