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The fitness industry drives me mad! It is meant to be an industry that helps so many people, however, it is also an industry that ostracizes so many who need it, especially nowadays with social media. Why do we constantly get bombarded with ‘quick fix’ plans, 30-day detoxes, easy ways to lose weight etc?, and don’t get my started on these fitness professionals who filter the crap out of themselves to make them look glamorous. Social Media is a cruel platform that enables companies to throw adverts in the faces of those who are vulnerable enough not to realise that a lot of these ‘plans’ and ‘fixes’ don’t work! Most of it is marketing bollox that gets you to art with your money. Reaching your goals isn’t easy, it isn’t glamorous and there is no quick fix. I’m gonna focus on two areas drive me mad and break it down for you!

1) Quick fix plans and shitty diets – So what do these teach you? You might very well lose weight in 30 days – but what are you actually losing? Probably mostly water and muscle and then some fat; and what are you learning? NOTHING! What you actually want to be doing is preserving as much muscle as possible and feeding your body correctly in order to reach your goals. Do these plans teach you how to feed your body properly? No, Do these plans teach you how to control your eating habits sustainably? No. Do they teach you about mental persistence and dedication? No! Please tell me what you actually do learn yourself? I’d love to know! What riles me is that some of them tell you to steer clear of exercise – Like are you actually having a laugh! I had a friend who was size 6/8 who went on a fad diet once and her calories were reduced to something crazy like 500kcals per day through a couple of shakes! Well, course she is going to lose weight if you’re practically starving yourself. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that if you so restricted you are going to lose weight, but like I say she was probably losing muscle and water for the most of it – oh and she was told not to exercise;  but the main shock was – why the hell did someone of a size 6/8 even get sold a plan like this?? I know why – because a lot of these companies don’t give a shit who they sell too, as long as they take your money. To reach your goals it is much more than some big corporation telling you what you should eat in a day. 

Reaching your goals is about changing your mindset, it is about making changes that are sustainable and it is about dedication, persistence, hardwork and never giving up.

2) Glamorizing the fitness industry – Why do fitness professionals insist on uploading filtered selfies in stupid poses. Not gonna lie – I did it….. when I was bloody clueless and just thought that uploading me in a gym would get me likes on insta! Like WTF! Since being a professional in the industry I have realised that it comes with social responsibility. So many ‘professionals’ focus on body image – wearing skimpy tops and leggings showcasing their sculpted figures. I mean – ‘do you wanna medal’ for your figure – I get it, your proud of your physique but half of the images we see of fake, half of them are filtered and a lot of professionals in the industry spend thousands on products and plans as well as hours in the gym/working out which for most is just not realistic.

What we should be focusing on is the messaging that if you have a goal you want to achieve then it takes more than a week or two of going from zero to hero. It is about making lifestyle choices, it is about dedication, it is about persistence and it is about pushing your boundaries. The industry shouldn’t focus on the body image (being skinny) but more on how fitness can make you feel incredible, how pushing yourself makes you realise you are capable of progression and you can become the strongest and most confident version of you! It should focus on the notion that it is about being healthy, strong and confident no matter what your age or size. Fitness isn’t pretty, it isn’t glam but my god it can make you feel INCREDIBLE!!!

If you keep chasing the feeling of feeling fabulous by regular exercise then your body will be a by-product of your dedication. 

You can’t expect to achieve your goals if you are not going to push yourself. It isn’t easy, it can be tough and at times when you want to give up, you have to dig deep and carry on. There will be days when you falter and days when you slip back into bad habits, there will be days when you eat shite and there will be days where you feel you don’t have the energy. That’s fine to have these days. What is more important is to not beat yourself up when you fall but restart and reset the next day. Stay strong, take each day as it comes, don’t buy into the media shite, and keep looking forward.


You got this ladies! 

Clo x

fitness is about dedication and persistence, never give up!



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